Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of, babe; it’ll visibly happen to around half of us (not just males) before the age of 40!

People normally lose 50-100 hairs a day (which isn’t as much as it sounds like). Consistently losing more than this, causing a visible difference, is considered “hair loss.”

Hair Types

Some people are born with beautiful angel hair that’s super lightweight and airy, similar to a baby’s! This naturally fine strand texture is common. People with this hair type do not have the medulla layer (the core centre of the strand), like others do. This prevents it from looking as plump and being as resilient as other types.

Fine hair is different from thin/thinning hair. Hair is classified by its amount and by its individual density.

Basically, there’s thin, medium, and thick heads of hair (this refers to how many hairs are rooted in the scalp) – then there’s fine, average, and coarse hairs (this refers to the thickness of the individual strands). The most difficult loss cases involve thin(ning), fine hair.

Hair Loss

Your genetic hair type is one factor in the appearance of fullness, as well as other factors like aging, hair loss specific genetics, hygiene, lifestyle, health, hormones, the elements, and diet.

Rumour has it that you inherit your hair patterns from your mom’s dad if you’re a male, and from your dad’s mom if you’re female. The truth is it’s from both sides!

Don’t guilt your dear parents just yet: there are a few ways you can prevent or improve hair loss.

Massaging your scalp helps stimulate your hair follicles (and it feels so, so good), which in some cases can encourage more hair growth on a small scale.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also a key factor – but to really up the ante, products like Eufora’s Thickening Collection (especially when used together) can make a world of difference.

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Thickening Cleansing Treatment:

This lightweight shampoo promotes growth using ProAmino Peptides Complex and Aloe Stem Cells to stimulate your hair follicles and create a heavenly scalp environment for your hair bulbs to anchor. It also improves the integrity of your locks from root to tip.

Thickening Conditioning Treatment:

Similar to the shampoo, this helps prevent factors that are often responsible for hair loss. These treatments are packed with all the vital ingredients needed to give your head a fresh start and have you feeling confident!

Thickening Scalp Treatment:

When it comes to hair loss, it’s really important to address the root of the problem… get it?

Our prestigious scalp treatment fights grimey crime while the antioxidants work their magic. Your scalp will feel so relieved, and new baby hairs will start to form out of the repaired holes!

Thickening Serum:

This styling product is a miracle worker! It’s full of nutrients and medicine to promote a healthy scalp and hair.

Tapioca starch helps provide lightweight volume and styling mobility, while medicinal ingredients like Aloe Stem Cells, antioxidants, and proteins do the heavy lifting.

Swipe this through your locks before blow drying upside-down. You’ll be amazed at the fullness, and your pores will take a breath of fresh air!

Using at least 3 of these together is bound to give you that vavavoom you’re looking for, while repairing some of the conditions responsible for, and caused by, early hair loss. You want to look great and feel confident and that’s exactly what you deserve.

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